3 Things a Mortgage Broker Should Do

If you are looking for a mortgage broker to advise you on a remortgage, product transfer, secured loan, equity release or to review your life cover, what should you be looking for in your choice of a mortgage broker?

Well, we think the following 3 key attributes are ones to look out for:

1.Effective communication is critical.

A good communicator should be able to build rapport and quickly show empathy with you. These attributes are vital in trust-building. After all, if you are seeking financial advice then trust is paramount to a successful outcome. Obvious signs to look out for are a genuine interest in your affairs and keen listening skills.

The broker client relationship is a two-way process and brokers need to accurately record all of the details relevant to the advice you are seeking and equally, you need to be able to communicate your circumstances with accuracy to ensure your broker provides you with the appropriate advice.

2.Service to exceed your expectations.

You may be familiar with the expression, ‘under-promise and over-deliver.’ Good mortgage brokers will always aim to deliver the highest possible standards of satisfaction for their clients. They work under stringent regulations which aim to ensure promises made are respected.

The best mortgage brokers will go the extra mile on behalf of their clients and put in extra hours and work late to accommodate their clients’ needs. If your mortgage broker over-delivers for you, please tell the world by leaving a positive review on Google or Trust Pilot. Mortgage brokers depend on a sound online reputation to ensure they remain in business, so that when your needs or circumstances change they will still be there to help you.

3.Embracing change and modernity.

The mortgage market is, by its nature, extremely dynamic and always in a state of flux.

There are new products announced almost daily and especially so at the moment with lenders modifying their application criteria and varying their products to meet the rapidly changing financial landscape.

Evolving technology, where embraced, gives brokers the ability to work remotely and ever more efficiently with streamlined online application processes. Please ensure you ask your mortgage broker about the systems they have in place that can help get you to your financial goals, both quickly and safely!

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